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Buying Timber Never Goes Out of Style

If you’re looking to buy a recreational property, it’s smart to consider the timber on a property as part of your buying decision. Buying timber never really goes out of style, and now is a good time to look at … Continue Reading

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Why Managed Timber has its Charms

Investing in timber can definitely be appealing, says a recent article in USA Today, but the key is to consider it as a long-term investment. Indeed, whether you are looking at timber company stocks such as Potlatch (Nasdaq: PCH), or … Continue Reading

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Timberland as an Investment

Many folks purchase timberland for a private place to camp, hunt or hike. But timberland can also provide much more – it can be a long-term financial asset. Investors look for ways to earn long-term returns. And they want to … Continue Reading

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Land Management: Maximize Timber Valuation and Improve Wildlife Habitat

When buyers acquire recreational property, they often want to know two things: How do I maximize the property’s timber value? And how can I improve the quality of wildlife on the property? The good news is that these two goals … Continue Reading

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Buying Land? What you should know about Forest Management.

When you’re making decisions about buying recreational property from a timber perspective, it’s a great idea to talk to a forestry expert. In some cases, your broker may have this knowledge; in others, the broker may want to bring in … Continue Reading

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Four Questions for Recreational Land Buyers to Ask About Timber

Check out this feature article by one of our own Potlatch Brokers, Josh Barkheimer of Neeley Forestry Services, Arkansas.  Featured on www.LandThink.com – CLICK HERE    

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