National Hunting & Fishing Day 2017


Signed into law in 1972, National Hunting and Fishing Day, celebrated the fourth Saturday of every September, remains the most effective grassroots efforts ever undertaken to promote the outdoor sports and conservation. Join this 40 year tradition this year!  Hunt. Shoot. Fish.  Now get out there and enjoy!!

Saturday, September 23, 2017
Hunt. Shoot. Fish.   Share the pride!
For more information, visit the organization online.

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Get to know our Idaho Brokers: United County – Musick & Sons

Meet Rick Musick of United Country – Musick & Sons in Grangeville, ID

Using everything from a mapping app designed for remote locations to property videos filmed with drones, United Country – Musick & Sons Auction & Real Estate Services uses fresh approaches to help buyers find properties that fit their needs.

Rick Musick

“Our goal is to make the buying process as simple as we can, but it isn’t just about technology,” says company founder Rick Musick, who handles Potlatch land sales for Musick & Sons. “It’s also about asking the right questions and making sure you understand what a buyer wants, so you don’t waste their time.”

Musick & Sons, the Potlatch Preferred Broker for Idaho, has seven agents, led day to day by broker Earl Musick, one of Rick’s sons. From the company’s base in Grangeville, its recreational land experts help buyers from all over the country looking to buy a north central Idaho retreat.

Interest has traditionally come from California, Oregon and Washington, but the brokerage’s representatives are also fielding many inquiries from other states as far away as Texas and East Coast states like Maryland.

The attraction for people looking to buy Potlatch properties in Idaho is simple. Potlatch offers quality land that offers privacy and often is within reach of federal and state lands that offer excellent hunting and other recreational activities.

“We find that many buyers want a ‘base camp’ for their activities, whether they want to build a cabin or use their property as a campground,” Rick Musick says.

In business since 1977, Musick & Sons has always been a family business. In addition to Earl, the broker, Rick’s son Kyle works in the auction business, while daughter-in-law Emily focuses on residential home sales. And the entire family enjoys the outdoors, with excellent fishing opportunities nearby on the Clearwater, Snake and Salmon rivers, along with quality hunting opportunities for whitetail, mule deer or elk.

This love of the land and the outdoors is a good fit for the brokerage’s affiliation with Potlatch, which has been in place since 2010.

“Everyone wants to buy a property that has been well cared for, and Potlatch has established a reputation for how well it handles its properties,” Rick Musick says. “That care also translates to our personal interactions, in how we work with Potlatch to make the buyer experience as smooth as possible.”

That process starts with Rick and the brokerage’s other professionals taking the time to understand each buyer’s needs. And as much as technological advances like apps and drones help the process, there will never be a substitute for Musick & Sons’ personal touch.

For buyers, this means that they can feel comfortable asking any questions they want in the process, from understanding property-specific issues to learning about the area’s recreational opportunities. In return, they will get quality information and help along the buying process, supplied by real estate professionals who understand Idaho, recreational property and how each buyer’s situation is unique and should be treated as such.

To arrange a meet with Rick, Earl, Kyle or Emily in person or to check out their Potlatch listings,

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Happy Labor Day!

From all of us at Potlatch…

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It’s Hunting Season!!

Stay up-to-date on the latest from each state you hunt with these quick links.  You might even see a Potlatch ad in there with a special link to free real estate guides!  Before you head out? Be sure to check weather conditions, hunting regulations and the latest news and updates. Be safe and have fun!

ALABAMA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources

ARKANSAS Game & Fish Commission 

IDAHO Fish & Game Commission

LOUISIANA Department of Wildlife & Fisheries

MINNESOTA Department of Natural Resources

MISSISSIPPI Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks

And, if you are interested in another US state or Canada, start your search here.


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Potlatch makes 2017 list of America’s Best Brokerages

Congratulations to every member of the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network for making Land Report’s annual list of top land brokers for the 7th consecutive year!! And, for the first time, Potlatch Real Estate received top honors too!!

AND, through their United Country affiliation:

These ten brokerages have been named among “America’s Best Brokerages 2017” by the prestigious Land Report magazine in the sixth annual report.  We’re proud that our brokers have consistently been included in the list since its inception.

To view the article online, click here.

Brokers in the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network are experts in all aspects of recreational property sales. With decades of experience and deep knowledge of their geographic areas, they understand everything from what makes a quality hunting property to understanding how to ensure that a property fits a buyer’s exact needs.

Congratulations to all.  Keep up the good work!

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Join a Wildlife Association to Learn about Wildlife in your State

If you want to learn more about the wildlife in your state, whether it’s for deer hunting or for bird watching – odds are there’s a wildlife association in your neck of the woods that could be just right for you. These groups can be a valuable source for information, camaraderie and a way to support efforts promoting conservation, habitat protection and good recreational practices.

As an example, the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association (MDHA) offers everything from camps for teaching young hunters about safety and best practices, to offering seeds for food plots at reduced rates, to having local and statewide meetings in which hunters share information.

Image result for Minnesota Deer Hunters Association LogoThere’s another bonus in joining groups like the MDHA: It’s a good way to support conservation and quality outdoor recreational areas. The MDHA and its partners have helped over $39 million worth of conservation and habitat projects around Minnesota, supporting such efforts as increasing moose habitat, protecting forest lands and restoring habitat corridors.

“Wildlife associations play an important part in protecting our forests, representing interests of hunters, fishermen and other recreational groups, and promoting conservation,” said Ed Patrias, a Minnesota Real Estate Manager for Potlatch. “The MDHA is one of many examples of groups that make a difference while providing value for their members. We’ve been actively involved in the organization from local chapters to the charter organization.”

In Minnesota, there is a wide array of organizations offering information and advocacy for people who are following their recreational passions. For birders, there’s the Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union. For snowmobilers, there are groups like the Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association. And for anglers, there are groups like Let’s Go Fishing for older enthusiasts, and the Women Anglers of Minnesota.

People in other states will find a similar diversity of outdoors-related groups available to them. As some examples in the other states where Potlatch sells recreational property, there’s the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for hunters in Idaho, the Arkansas Trail Riders Association for that state’s horsemen and horsewomen, Mississippi Bass Nation for anglers in that state, and the Alabama chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, just to name a few.

There seems to be a group for almost any outdoor activity. So how do you find the one that’s best for your interests? While the internet is helpful on providing overviews of wildlife associations, it can sometimes be hard to tell if a group is active and vibrant from its website.

With this in mind, use a combination of online and in-person research to find the right group for you.

And it’s a good idea to talk to recreational experts in your area – people who live, work and pursue recreational activities nearby.

One such source would be an expert in the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network. Not only do they know about selling properties, they are well-versed in matching buyers’ real estate and recreational needs.

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Smart Timber Harvesting

Buying, owning and harvesting timber doesn’t have to be complicated.  Here’s a great article by one of our own that will help you understand it all.  The great news?  You don’t have to figure everything out yourself. As you start to look at properties, talk to a recreational real estate expert.  They can help you think about the timber aspects of buying and then owning a recreational tract.

Great article Brian, thanks for sharing your experience with our readers!


Smart Timber Harvesting on a Property Requires Planning

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Get to know our Minnesota Brokers: Close~Converse Properties

Meet Rod & Jody Osterloh of by Close~Converse Properties in Brainerd, MN

Close~Converse Properties is uniquely suited to help recreational property buyers in northern Minnesota, reflected by the fact that broker Rod Osterloh has received the prestigious Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation from the Realtors Land Institute.

The brokerage has been helping land buyers for more than 30 years, and to Osterloh, the ALC designation reflects how Close~Converse’s land division has kept up with the times and the evolving needs of buyers.

SUMMER 2017: Close~Converse’s Rod and Jody Osterloh kayaked with friends on the River Corrib at Galway, Ireland! You can see the ruins of Menlo Castle in the background as well as the Irish down-pour clouds.

“It’s important to keep up with technology and make sure you are using it to make the buying experience efficient,” said Rod, who works with his wife Jody and assistant Tanya Digiovanni in the brokerage’s land division. “But it’s also important to have experience and knowledge. In that regard, being involved in the Realtors Land Institute is important for us, because it helps us share information with many of the nation’s top recreational real estate brokers.”

Close~Converse specializes in the northern Minnesota area, focusing on areas near towns including Bemidji, Grand Rapids, Park Rapids, Wadena, Brainerd, Walker and Aitkin. The brokerage sells tracts anywhere from 10 to 10,000 acres, but many northern Minnesota recreational buyers want to buy 40 to 80 acres.

So many factors go into a recreational land purchase, from considering the value of the timber on a property to determining how the property rates as a hunting and recreational spot. To Rod, nothing is a substitute for experience in finding the answers.

“The value in a property may be the quality of deer, or the quality may be in how the land is good for growing trees,” he said. “We have done hundreds of land transactions at Close~Converse over the years, and in doing that, we have become experts in knowing how to determine values of recreational property.”

Close~Converse has been doing business with Potlatch since 2005, and Potlatch’s timber properties are a good fit for many of the brokerage’s buyers.

“We are finding that more people want to consider both the value of the land and of the timber on it,” Rod said. “Potlatch properties provide that, along with tremendous recreational opportunities.”

To meet Rod and Jody in person or check out their Potlatch listings,


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Land Report Voices features Potlatch Land Sales

Great feature interview in the current issue of Land Report‘s monthly newsletter about Potlatch.
[Click the article for a reader-friendly PDF]To read the full Land Report newsletter – click here.



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Being Thoughtful with your Trail Camera Pays Off!

What’s the best way to know about the deer on your property? That’s simple: Install trail cameras in key spots, using a careful, methodical approach as you set them up.

An Outdoor Life post by Craig Dougherty walks you through things to consider as you put up your trail cameras, from deciding how many cameras to use, to using your photos as you make hunting plans.

Some of the key tips:

  • Get familiar with cameras before you put them out in the field. Use them in your yard so you can understand how to target them effectively.
  • Face cameras north when possible, to avoid sun glare, and put them 10 to 15 feet from the target area.
  • Set up one camera for every 50 to 100 acres, and look to place them in prime feeding areas or along corridors where wildlife travel back and forth.
  • Start documenting the deer early, so you will have time to figure out their habits and travel patterns as you make your plans for hunting season.
  • Study a buck’s behavior, to help determine if he is just passing through or whether you have a good chance of finding him when you head out into the woods.

Like everything else in successful hunting, planning ahead is important. And if you don’t already own a hunting property, now is a great time to think about it.

Get started by contacting one of the experts in the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network, who know how to match hunters looking to buy land in Minnesota, Idaho, Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi with the properties of their dreams.

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