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It’s often said that there’s no substitute for experience. But if you don’t have years of experience hunting or fishing, you can learn quickly by finding opportunities to get tips from more experienced folks.  With this in mind, the editors of Outdoor Life used their knowledge and experience to compile a list of 50 tips for hunters and fishermen.

The tips are definitely interesting, and could be helpful as you get ready to go hunting and fishing this fall. Click here for the full article!

Some of the tips have to do with the hunt. As an example, when you are going through the woods, try quick-stepping for a few yards, stopping, and then doing it again. You’ll step more lightly, and you’ll sound more like a squirrel than a heavy-stepping human.

Other tips provide ideas for taking your game out of the woods. For example, if you are hunting for deer, consider bringing a strong pole with you. If you are fortunate enough to bag a buck, tie it to the pole and carry the pole on your shoulders, sharing the load with a buddy. Bringing padding for your shoulders is an important part of this plan.

And some tips pass along some ingenious ideas for preparing game or fish. As an example, here’s an idea: Wrap a fish fillet with butter, onions and seasonings in foil, put it in the dishwasher (don’t add soap!) and run a cycle, and you have steamed fish.

As for the value of learning from experienced experts, this also holds true with buying a quality recreational property. If you want to own your own tract to use this fall, contact one of the real estate experts in the Potlatch Preferred Network.

Potlatch’s brokers have years of experience in matching excellent recreational properties with buyers, and that experience means they are the right choice to find the perfect spot for you.

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Gear Up! Time to Get Ready for Fall Hunting.

As the fall hunting season draws closer, it’s a great time to go through your gear, do some research on your favorite hunting areas, and take steps to make sure you are ready.

A roundup of tips in a story on the website lists some obvious things to think about, like checking your equipment and setting up trail cameras at your favorite hunting spots.

But the story also has some tips you may not have thought about:summer-prep-sight-in

  • Sight in your guns or bows now, so you don’t have to worry about waiting in line at the shooting range as fall draws closer.
  • It’s a good time to talk to farmers in the areas where you want to hunt. They will know the deer’s habits, and where they are feeding. That could be invaluable information come hunting season.

If you’ve been thinking about having your own property to hunt on this fall, it’s also a great time to find the perfect property for your recreational needs. Start by talking to one of the experts in the Potlatch Preferred Network, who are experts in hunting property and can help you every step of the way. Give a Potlatch Broker in your neck of the woods a call!

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Why should Forestry Certification Matter to a Land Buyer?

Potlatch’s forestry practices on its properties are certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) standard and, in Arkansas, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard. That sounds impressive, but what does this mean for a recreational land buyer?

Actually, quite a bit, says Pete Prutzman, who’s part of the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network.

“It’s basically like a seal of approval, giving a land buyer confidence that a property from Potlatch has been well cared for,” said Prutzman, of Kingwood Forestry Services in Arkansas.

“And that also means the timber has been well managed, which increases the value of the property you are buying.”

As examples of how these certification-related rules ensure that a property is well managed, Prutzman said, there are restrictions on the size of clear cuts, along with requirements to reforest areas within certain time-frames after timber harvests. Also, stream and creek areas are protected from erosion, because timber adjacent to such waterways is harvested differently.

Getting certification isn’t simple or easy, with verification by third-party auditors along with requirements to have processes in place for constantly improving the landowner’s timber practices.

How timber is managed should matter to land buyers in a number of ways. Managing timber in a responsible way helps improve the quality of wildlife on a property. It helps ensure that the timber is well-established for future growth. And for Potlatch, it fits into an overall emphasis on quality land management, providing peace of mind for land buyers.

More information about the certifications is available on Potlatch’s company website, and also on the websites of the Sustainability Forestry Initiative and the Forest Stewardship Council. Ask your Potlatch Preferred Broker or real estate manager about it as you start looking at Potlatch properties.

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Our summer newsletter – hot off the press!

With more than a month to go, Summer is not over!  Families are getting in vacations before the kids head back to school.  Fishing is happening from docks, banks and boats all around.  Beaches, lakes and boats are bustling with sunscreen, bathing suits and people sunning and relaxing.  Cooler nights find kids chasing lightning bugs and s’mores over the fire.  What’s your summertime pastime?

If you want to see how some Potlatch buyers found their happy life, check out our latest newsletter.  You’ll also find in this issue:page1

  • How to keep your cool this summer…with the best cooler!
  • You’ll meet one of our cool Minnesota brokers, Charlie Chernak of Bear Island Land Co, Inc.
  • Don’t miss the Property Showcase to see some of the coolest land-buying opportunities – and this issue, we’ve added a quick video to show you more about each property,  Be sure to click through!
  • All this and more… don’t miss a single tidbit!

You’ll find all these great articles in this issue of The Property Perspective ONLINE or PDF(to read, just click on your preferred viewing format).

So, whether you’re a first-time buyer just getting started or you’d like to expand your property holdings, we welcome you to Potlatch – the only name you need to know when it comes to buying recreational property.  We invite you to preview Potlatch’s premier property inventory in ArkansasIdaho, Minnesota, Mississippi or  Wisconsin.

We’re here when you’re ready to take that next step. Have questions or not sure how to get started? Send us an email.

Happy hunting!

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Now is the Time to Think About a Cabin, not Later

One of our own, Mark Knight of Davis, DuBose, Knight Forestry & Real Estate on considering when and what to build on that recreational property you purchase. #‎PotlatchPreferredBroker‬, ‪#‎RecreationalLandBuyingRules‬

Buying Recreational Property? Think About a Cabin Now, Not Later

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State Hunting Land is Closer than You Think

So many great Potlatch parcels neighbor state land. Buying your own property adjacent to state land could give you your own 40 plus hundreds more acres to hunt, hike, camp and recreate on. It’s much more affordable than you think. Ask us how!

State Hunting Land Near You

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What’s the Best Way to Keep your Cool this Summer?

Here’s some help in picking out a cooler that will work for you this summer

Baby, it’s hot outside, so making sure you have the right equipment to keep your food and drinks cool is important. You need a high-quality cooler, and we aren’t talking about the type you get at the dollar store.

A high-end cooler can cost hundreds of dollars, so it’s smart to do some research before you buy. The reviewers at Field & Stream can offer some help. They tested temperatures in a number of coolers over 10 days, and then got even tougher and threw them off the back of a pickup truck going 45 miles per hour to test their durability (but it looked like too much fun to be work).

Click and watch their Ice Chest Throwdown for yourself!Screenshot 2016-07-07 13.44.17

As you hit the woods this summer, it’s a great time to find a recreational property to buy and call your own. Start by contacting one of the folks in the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network – real estate pros who can help you keep your cool and find the perfect property for using that perfect cooler. Contact one of our experts today!!

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Wishing you a Happy 4th of July!

4th July 2015

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Buying Land using Self-Directed IRA Funds

Here’s something you may not know: You can use funds from a self-directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to buy land.

In many ways, a self-directed IRA works like any other IRA, as a retirement investment vehicle that can offer tax-free profits, tax deductions and protection of your assets. But a self-directed IRA offers more options for how the money can be invested.

And among the ways someoRockHand2015 adj1ne can invest using self-directed IRA funds is to buy real estate.

Potlatch has experience working with land buyers who use self-directed IRAs, and recently closed the sale of a 120-acre tract in Boise County, Idaho to one such buyer.

“We were pleased to work with the buyer and his representative for the transaction, and the buyer found this to be a good way to invest some of the money in his self-directed IRA,” said Potlatch real estate manager Jim Lemieux.

So is this an option you should consider? There are a number of advantages to this approach:

  • By using money from the IRA, there is no cash out of pocket required.
  • As the property appreciates, it does so in a way that is tax-deferred.
  • Though a property purchased in this manner needs to be a passive investment (meaning it can’t be improved and keep its tax-deferred status), a buyer could put a home or cabin next door so he could use the property for hunting, hiking or other pursuits.

Potlatch Preferred Network brokers are experts in doing transactions like these, while working closely with Potlatch’s real estate managers. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, or about anything concerning buying recreational and rural real estate, contact our team today.

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How do you decide..How Much Land to Buy?

As you look for a recreational property to purchase, how many acres should you buy? It’s a question many buyers have as they start their search.

There is no magic formula for figuring what size property to purchase, says Tom Smith of Tom Smith Land & Homes in Ridgeland, Mississippi. “What’s important is finding a property that works really well for you,” he says. “If you buy it and don’t love it, you aren’t going to use it. What’s the point of that?”

Buyers usually come to Smith, a member of the Potlatch Preferred Broker network, with a budget in mind. But that should only be a starting point to the decision-making process, he says.

“You might have a budget of $100,000 in cash,” he says, “but you may end up getting a property that costs $250,000, working with a lender to get the prefect property for you and a quality investment.”

For many buyers, a good smaller recreational tract is at least 40 acres. (An acre is roughly the size of a football field.) But for those who want more privacy and a variety of hunting opportunities and timber, a larger tract may be a better fit. Two factors to consider are topography and timber: Land that’s flat and with fewer trees may offer less privacy from neighbors than a hilly property or one with a lot of timber.

MS_Madison County Pine

Madison County Pine

And as you consider how price plays into your buying decision, know that many factors impact the sales price of recreational property, from the value of timber, to quality of wildlife, to proximity to public land.

“Remember that everything starts with location, location, location,” Smith says. “One way to look at the purchase is to think about what your exit strategy would be if you ever decide to sell the property. Timber value helps in terms of providing value, and so does buying in an area that’s always in demand.”

Smith advises buyers to resist the temptation to look at the sales price in a vacuum – after all, you get what you pay for. Paying more for a property with quality timber, proximity to recreation, and good roads may well be worth the extra cost.

If this all sounds complicated, it doesn’t have to be. The key to success is to work with a land broker who knows the ins and outs of buying recreational land. The experts in the Potlatch Preferred Network are your perfect partners as you look for the property that is perfect, both in size and in offering the amenities and recreational opportunities you’re looking for.

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